Here, you can find ATHENA presentations in national and international conferences and workshops, organised by and with other institutions:

  • 5 May 2011, Firenze, Italy. ATHENA: the results of a project for museums
    (Maria Teresa Natate, ATHENA Technical coordinator) (PDF, 3105 kb)
  • 11 April 2011, Roma, Italy, Online: Europeana e Judaica Europeana
    Athena (Maria Teresa Natale, ATHENA Technical coordinator) (PDF, 2404 kb) 
  • 21 February 2011, Roma, Italy, ATHENA-Europeana Local Workshop
    I progetti europei ATHENA ed EuropeanaLocal: un supporto alle istituzioni culturali per aderire a Europeana

    The European projects ATHENA and EuropeanaLocal: a support to cultural institutions wishing to join Europeana
    (Rossella Caffo, Istituto centrale per il catalogo unico delle biblioteche italiane; ATHENA Coordinar - Mary Rowlatt, MDR Partners, scientific coordinator of EuropeanaLocal) (Rossella Caffo PDF, 2.3 mb, MP3) - (Mary Rowlatt PDF, 2.1 mb, MP3)
  • 27 January 2011, Münster, Germany, LAPSI Thematic Seminar 4: PSI, Intellectual Property and Cultural Content
    The Extension of the PSI Directive to Cultural Heritage Information: Risk or Opportunity? (Giuliana De Francesco, ICCU) (.pdf, 1582 kb)
  • 22-23 November 2010, ATHENA plenary meeting, Budapest, Hungary
    1. Tutorial on GIS (Franc Zakrajsek) (PDF, 3530 kb)
    2. Tutorial on Linked Open Data (Gordon McKenna)(PDF, 3743 kb)
  • 16-17 November 2010, EVA-MINERVA Jerusalem, Israel
    ATHENA lessons learnt
    Maria Teresa Natale, ICCU - Piergiacomo Sola, Amitié)
    1. The importance of the workflow (.pdf, 1507 kb)
    2. Make digital content more attractive (.pdf, 992 kb)
    A Work in Progress, towards Europeana (Giuliana De Francesco, ICCU) (.pdf, 10 mb)
  • 2-3 November 2010, The digital space and the involvement of the Czech Museum
    • Současný stav projektu Europeana (Katerina Musilkova) (.pdf, 3905 kb)
    • nová on-line prezentace muzejních a galerijních sbírek (Jakub Hauser,Prague, Narodni Museum) (.PDF, 1409 kb)
  • 10-12 May 2010. Opava, Czech Republic, Museums, Monuments and Conservation 2010
    Projekt Athena (Česká muzea pod křídly sovy ATHENY) (Katerina Salonova-Musilkova) (.pdf, 574 kb)
  • 7 May 2010. Germany, Tagung des Museumsverbandes Baden-Württemberg
    Neue Entwicklungen beiBAM -Gemeinsames Portal zu Bibliotheken, Archiven, Museen, Deutscher Digitaler Bibliothek und Europeana
    (Werner Schweibenz, Bibliotheksservice-Zentrum Baden-Württemberg) (.pdf, 2190 kb)
  • 14-17 April 2010, Denver, USA, Museums and the Web 2010
    ATHENA: A Mechanism for Harvesting Europe's Museum Holdings into Europeana
    (Georgia Angelaki, Europeana, The Netherlands
    Rossella Caffo, Ministry of Cultural Resources and Activities, Italy
    Monika Hagedorn-Saupe, Institute for Museum Research, Germany
    Susan Hazan, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Israel)
    Under Creative Commons License: Attribution Non-Commercial No Derivatives
    (.pdf , 6786 kb)
  • ATHENA: Access to cultural heritage networks across Europe (by Maria Teresa Natale) (.pdf, 2128 kb)
    Russian Cultural Institutions in ATHENA project (by Nadezhda Brakker) (in Russian, .pps)30 November-2 December 2009, Moskow, Russian Federation, Eva Moskow

  • 30 September 2009, Prague, Czech Republic, ATHENA National Workshop
    Welcoming the Czech Museums to ATHENA (by Pier Giacomo Sola) [.pdf]

  • 25 September 2009, Wroclaw, Poland, The Digital Encounter with Art – Image as a Research Topic and Study Method
    Wirtualne muzeum europejskie (by Piotr Kożurno, Maria Śliwińska) [.ppt in Polish]

  • 14 September 2009, Den Hague, The Netherlands: Europeana Master Class, Session on Ingestion
    ATHENA Ingestion Tool (Vassilis Tzouvaras) (.pdf, 49 kb)

  • 13 May 2009, Stralsund, Germany: Assembly ot the German Museum Association
    Institut für Museumsforschung: ATHENA: für Museen auf dem Weg zur Europeana (Monika-Hagerdorn-Saupe) (.PDF, 412 kb)