Papers and short articles


  • Denis Pitzalis, Franco Niccolucci, Maria Theodoriou, Martin Doerr, LIDO and CRMdig from a 3D Cultural Heritage Documentation Perspective, in: Proceedings VAST 2010, p. 87-95 (PDF, 526, kb)

Abstract:The most important characteristic of Digital Libraries is their flexibility in exposing content. Typically a DL provides a search interface which allows resources to be found. These resources can be local or remote, depending on how the data are organised within the DL and on how these data are made available for harvesting from/to other DLs. This kind of communication is possible because the structures of different DLs are expressed in formal specifications. In particular, especially in Cultural Heritage where we need to describe an extremely heterogeneous environment, some metadata standards are emerging and mappings are proposed to allow metadata exchange and enrichment. The CIDOC-CRM is an ontology designed to mediate contents in the area of tangible cultural heritage and it is ISO 21127 : 2006 standard. In particular an extension of the CIDOC-CRM, known as CRMdig, enables to document information about data provenance and digital objects in a very precise way. LIDO is a rich metadata schema suitable for handling museum-related data, still under development but very promising. In this paper we propose an update of the CIDOC-CRM to LIDO mapping and using a case study we will compare how CIDOC-CRMdig and LIDO handle the digital information of an object.

  • Maria Śliwińska, Alicja Saar-Kozłowska, Promocja polskich muzeów w Europeanie za pośrednictwem projektu europejskiego ATHENA, [Polish museums promotion in Europeana by Athena project mediation] In: Koral, perła i inne wątki. Biżuteria w Polsce, X sesja naukowa. Z serii Rzemiosło Artystyczne i Wzornictwo w Polsce, przygotowana i zrealizowana przez Toruński Oddział Stowarzyszenia Historyków Sztuki i Muzeum Pałac w Wilanowie w dniach 7-8 maja 2009 roku. Warszawa 2010, p. 146-150.
  • Maria Sliwinska, Dostępność polskich kolekcji w Europeanie: stan aktualny i rokowania na przyszłość. [Polish collections available in Europeana: the state of the art, and further possibilities] W: Zbiory fotograficzne i filmowe w Internecie. Aspekty prawne i technologiczne. Gdańsk: Europejskie Centrum Solidarności. 2010 p.95-106
  • Leonid Kuybyshev -  Nadezhda Brakker, Чего нет в Интернете - того не существует». Цифровая библиотека EUROPEANA, "Librarianship, 22 (112), 2009, p. 23 - 28 (in Russian)
  • Leonid Kuybyshev - Nadezhda Brakker, Европейская цифровая библиотека ЕВРОПЕАНА и проекты по развитию ее контента, ll-Russia Library Congress: XIV Annual Conference of the RLA, Vologda, 17-22 May, 2009 (in Russian)
  • Katerina Salonova (Musilkova), Česká muzea pod křídly sovy ATHENY. "Muzea, památky a konzervace", 2010, p. 15-17. (in Czech) (PDF, 157 kb)


  • Lietuvos muziejai kviečiami dalyvauti ATHENA projekte” (Lithuanian museums are encouraged to participate in ATHENA project) by Giedre Stankeviciute was published on digitization centre website. It describes the ways to participate in ATHENA project and provides all necessary links for useful information about joining the project. 
  • Marzia Piccininno, I musei in rete il progetto ATHENA, in "Innovazione e tecnologia: le nuove frontiere
    del MiBAC", Lucca, 22-23 ottobre 2009 (pdf, 1128 kb)
  • Marzia Piccininno, I musei in rete il progetto ATHENA ,in "Archeologia: tutela, fruizione e valorizzazione", Paestum, 19-22 novembre 2009 (pdf, 1134 kb)




  • Dedicated area for the ATHENA project in the Portal of the Directorate of the National Archive of Monuments (in Greek and English)
    Goal: to provide project information and increase participation of the HMC Units of the Archaeological Service (Ephorates and National Museums)