ATHENA, presented as a Network of Best Practice within the eContentplus Programme, takes its origins from the existing MINERVA network. 

ATHENA is bringing together relevant stakeholders and content owners from museums and other cultural institutions all over Europe and evaluate and integrate specific tools, based on a common agreed set of standards and guidelines to create harmonised access to their content.

ATHENA is contributing in the content provision to Europeana.


ATHENA Virtual exhibition: a voyage with the Gods: logo


I like the new booklets very much. They are as useful as the other publications from Athena (Minerva, MICHAEL etc.) [Irene Hyna, MUKK, Austria]

Digitisation: standards landscape for european museums, archives, libraries: Cover
Digital cultural content: guidelines for geographic information: Cover 

Digitisation Standard Landscape
Download English Version PDF (297 kb)
Download Russian Version

Guidelines for geographic information
Download PDF (2450 kb)

  Persistent identifiers (pids): recommendations for institutions: Cover LIDO: Cover 

Persistent identifiers:

Download PDF (275 kb)

Lightweight Information
Describing Object: LIDO)
Download PDF (512 kb)